By Jerry Fetta

As I write this article we are currently experiencing the biggest price bubble in United States history. What is a bubble? Well it’s simple really. A bubble is when prices are “inflated” beyond a capacity that can be supported by the underlying assets and at a point of critical inflation will “pop” and correct down to or below a price that is actually supported.

To understand a bubble we have to understand a trading concept called “Intrinsic Value” and “Extrinsic Value”.

Intrinsic Value is like a threshold of price level that is supported either by earnings or…

By Jerry Fetta

How To Avoid Financial Distractions by Jerry Fetta

I’m writing this article because in 2021 this is one of the top problems I see people facing with their finances. Being distracted. I used to be this way and so I do understand it, but I’m not this way at all anymore and so I want to share my viewpoint on it.

First let’s understand what a distraction is.

There are two definitions here that apply. The first is “to draw away or divert, as the mind or attention”. As in, the noise distracted her from studying.

The second is “to provide a pleasant diversion for…

The #1 Mistake New Investors Make by Jerry Fetta

Investing is one of my favorite topics because it is one of my favorite things to do. There is literally no better feeling in the world than building up enough capital and then putting it into a real asset and seeing that asset pay me. However, while investing can be the greatest feeling in the world that does not mean it comes without risks.

I’m not talking about stock market risks and volatility like most may assume. I’m talking about a different type of risk. Risks that have to do with an asset itself are actually fairly limited and fairly…

By Jerry Fetta

How To Make Better Financial Decisions by Jerry Fetta

Making financial decisions is something I have a talent for. All of my financial decisions at this time of my life lead to the improvement of my personal finances. I don’t lose money, I don’t do things with money that I later regret, and I don’t get involved in things I don’t understand. But it didn’t always start that way.

For years, I was plagued with bad financial decisions. Financing cars at double digit interest rates, blowing money on things I don’t even remember now, charging up credit cards, and trying to find “loopholes” where I can…

By Jerry Fetta

Why I Don’t Own Bitcoin by Jerry Fetta

On January 3, 2009 the first Bitcoins came into existence. When Bitcoin was first released, it was worth literally nothing. Today, 1 unit of Bitcoin sell for more than $35,000.

But what is Bitcoin? Well, it’s a form of crypto-currency. If we define the word crypto, it means “hidden or secret”. And if we define the word currency it means “something that is used as a medium of exchange; money”. So then crypto-currency is “something hidden or secret that is used as a medium of exchange; hidden or secret money.” I define this first because it helps…

Building Wealth With Life Insurance by Jerry Fetta

4 years ago I hated life insurance. If you’d have told me to save money into it or treat it as an investment, I would have immediately put you in the category of “snake-oil salesmen” or “gullible financial idiot”. I was a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for investing and cash value life insurance was the financial equivalent of the devil.

I remember sitting down with a life insurance agent who was trying to show me something called The Infinite Banking Concept and I wrote him off entirely. Granted, he wasn’t very good at explaining it but after seeing illustration…

The Case Against Gold by Jerry Fetta

I bought my first precious metal back in 2016. It was several 1 ounce silver bars and I remember receiving the package and holding them in my hand. It was surreal and the first time I’d ever held something that I knew was valuable in and of itself. I instantly understood this was real money and I made plans to begin investing in more.

Today, I have a very large percentage of my net worth in gold. So why is this titled “The Case Against Gold”? Well because right now gold is an asset that the general public hardly owns…

By Jerry Fetta

What is Wealth by Jerry Fetta

Wealth was not something I ever thought about until my mom died. Prior to that, I was fine just enjoying life and living with the stereotypical “ignorance is bliss” type mindset. When my mom passed away I realized just how help-less I was. Not from the standpoint of “poor me I’m so helpless”. No it was a different kind of helpless. I mean I couldn’t help. Financially it wasn’t doable. At the time I had no money, which meant if I missed work I couldn’t pay my bills, which meant no days off, which meant I couldn’t…

There is a lot happening in the world right now. We have viruses, we have stock market crashes, people stockpiling on groceries until there’s no food left, and social media is riddled with fearful posts about what could happen.

I see it too. I’m choosing not to fall into it and I’m choosing not to panic.

First, I’m reminding myself that we have had it WAY worse in history and still made it through.

In the 1930’s we had a depression that lasted 11 years! We’ve only had it bad for like 4 weeks. Even then, people survived and even…

In the last month, the stock market has been consistently down so I wanted to write a quick article about it.

This is not going to justify why someone should or should not invest in the stock market. This is not an argument of right or wrong. This is just the facts.

What does it mean that the market is down?

It means the prices of stocks declined over a certain period of time. A stock is a certificate of “ownership” in a company and it is valued in the market where it is bought and sold buy consumers.

A stock can be up, meaning the price is up…

Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta is the CEO and Founder of Wealth DynamX. Jerry’s mission in life is to help create millions of financially educated and wealthy families.

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