By Jerry Fetta

The Triangle of Wealth

Finances are a topic that are so simple, yet seem to allude more than 90% of the U.S. Population in correct application.

Only about 1% of the nation has a personal net worth of more than $10 million.

Only about 10% of the nation has a personal net worth of more than $1 million.

80% of the nation lives paycheck to paycheck.

About 60% of the nation has less than $1,000 in savings.

If finances are so simple, why are so few of us winning with them?

In this article I aim to introduce a topic that…

How To Build Wealth Without A Guru by Jerry Fetta

Okay let’s cut to the chase. I don’t think you need a guru to become Financially Independent. In fact, I actually think it is counter-productive.

Before I dive into this let me give you some insight on myself and where I’m coming from. I’m 29 years old, I run a multi-million company with my wife, we serve thousands of families, and at the time of writing this I am about 6 months away from becoming financially independent. …

What Is The Blueprint To Financial Freedom by Jerry Fetta

As I write this article I have been in the Financial Services Industry for a decade. I’ve gone from working with the largest financial services firm in the country, to working with Dave Ramsey as a financial advisor, to working with Grant Cardone, and even being endorsed by Pamela Yellen of Bank On Yourself. I won’t go as far as to say I’ve seen it all, but I’ve seen most of it in my 10 years.

But what thing I hadn’t seen was a pathway that consistently and reliably produced financial freedom.

I saw it advertised. I saw it called…

How To Get A $1500/mo Pay Raise by Jerry Fetta

I am writing this article because I want to share a strategy I use with my clients to help them keep more of their income.

You see, the average American family makes $50-$60,000 per year, which is moderate, but still keeps families living paycheck to paycheck in most cases. People aren’t saving and investing. They have massive consumer debt. They aren’t really even spending too much on luxuries when it comes down to it. …

The Problem (and solution) With Private Lending by Jerry Fetta

Private Lending. If you’ve followed me for more than a few months you know this is my favorite way to generate passive income. I get to invest in real estate without any of the downsides. I am not a landlord. I don’t have to fix anything. Rent moratoriums cannot effect me. I’m not tied down to an area because I own property there. Literally all I do is collect my interest check everything month and if they fail to pay, foreclose. …

Why Don’t I Own Real Estate?

By Jerry Fetta

Real estate seems to be the infatuation of the investor who has realized they don’t want to invest with Wall Street. I remember back in 2016 when I began to learn about how I didn’t want to represent Wall Street anymore in my business nor invest with them and that’s exactly what I fell into. Real Estate.

Now, I’m not going to write this to shame real estate or tell you it’s a bad deal. Because that wouldn’t be true. …

By Jerry Fetta

As I write this article we are currently experiencing the biggest price bubble in United States history. What is a bubble? Well it’s simple really. A bubble is when prices are “inflated” beyond a capacity that can be supported by the underlying assets and at a point of critical inflation will “pop” and correct down to or below a price that is actually supported.

To understand a bubble we have to understand a trading concept called “Intrinsic Value” and “Extrinsic Value”.

Intrinsic Value is like a threshold of price level that is supported either by earnings or…

By Jerry Fetta

How To Avoid Financial Distractions by Jerry Fetta

I’m writing this article because in 2021 this is one of the top problems I see people facing with their finances. Being distracted. I used to be this way and so I do understand it, but I’m not this way at all anymore and so I want to share my viewpoint on it.

First let’s understand what a distraction is.

There are two definitions here that apply. The first is “to draw away or divert, as the mind or attention”. As in, the noise distracted her from studying.

The second is “to provide a pleasant diversion for…

The #1 Mistake New Investors Make by Jerry Fetta

Investing is one of my favorite topics because it is one of my favorite things to do. There is literally no better feeling in the world than building up enough capital and then putting it into a real asset and seeing that asset pay me. However, while investing can be the greatest feeling in the world that does not mean it comes without risks.

I’m not talking about stock market risks and volatility like most may assume. I’m talking about a different type of risk. Risks that have to do with an asset itself are actually fairly limited and fairly…

By Jerry Fetta

How To Make Better Financial Decisions by Jerry Fetta

Making financial decisions is something I have a talent for. All of my financial decisions at this time of my life lead to the improvement of my personal finances. I don’t lose money, I don’t do things with money that I later regret, and I don’t get involved in things I don’t understand. But it didn’t always start that way.

For years, I was plagued with bad financial decisions. Financing cars at double digit interest rates, blowing money on things I don’t even remember now, charging up credit cards, and trying to find “loopholes” where I can…

Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta is the CEO and Founder of Wealth DynamX. Jerry’s mission in life is to help create millions of financially educated and wealthy families.

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