Black Friday vs. Financial Freedom

Black Friday vs. Financial Freedom by Jerry Fetta

Black Friday weekend is in full force and often lasts all the way through to Sunday night.

Americans will spend $61 Billion over Black Friday weekend this year.

Over 166 million Americans are expected to go Black Friday shopping.

There’s no question that this is a weekend of shopping and spending.

Now I’m not about to tell you don’t shop and avoid Black Friday so that you can invest the money instead.

The truth is, that 1 action of saving some money instead of spending it isn’t nearly enough to help someone achieve financial freedom.

But what I am going to tell you is that Black Friday’s popularity represents something that can make or break a person’s ability to build wealth.

That thing is called consumerism.

Black Friday itself isn’t the issue, but the mindset behind it is and the amount of attention it garners when most Americans are broke and have no money in the first place.

There is a large group of consumers waiting in lines and going out of their way to buy products and services from a much smaller group of producers.

Wal Mart doesn’t buy stuff on Black Friday.

Neither does Amazon.

Nor Apple.

Or any of these large companies.

They sell.

In fact, the purpose of Black Friday and where it got its name from from a company’s profit and loss statement.

Companies came up with this as a solution to get out of the red (losing money) and into the black (profitable).

Does this make it bad?


This makes it an amoral, inanimate situation that we as individuals react to based on our own priorities, level of intellect, and abilities to make good decisions.

But my question to you as you read this is are you a producer or a consumer?

Did you stay home this weekend?

Did you go out and blow your wad on Black Friday specials?

Did you take advantage of the sales to invest in things that improve your life economically?

Or did you sell and market and join the group of producers?

Most of the producers are Top 1% of Wealth and I point that out because I believe the more good people we have that join this group, the more influence we have to make the world a better place.

And we can’t get there by being consumers. The only way is to be one of the producers in the world.

If you’d like some guidance on how to get there, I want to offer you a free copy of my book, Blueprint to Financial Freedom.

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To Purpose, Wealth & Freedom,

Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta is the CEO and Founder of Wealth DynamX. He is a nationally recognized financial expert featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Fox, Chicago Weekly News, New York Finance, interviewed on over 45 podcasts with world renowned experts, earning endorsements and affiliations throughout his career with names like Kevin O’Leary, Grant Cardone, Dave Ramsey, and Pamela Yellen.

Jerry’s mission in life is to help create millions of financially educated and solvent families achieving greater financial freedom and sharing the truth about money with those around them.

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(DISCLAIMER: The information in this content should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice. Only a professional diagnosis of your specific situation can determine which strategies are appropriate for your needs. Wealth DynamX can and does not provide advice unless/until engaged by you.)



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Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta is the CEO and Founder of Wealth DynamX. Jerry’s mission in life is to help create millions of financially educated and wealthy families.