How Long Does It Take to Setup a Sacred Account?

Jerry Fetta
4 min readDec 12, 2022


How Long Does It Take to Setup a Sacred Account? by Jerry Fetta

I want to write today about how long it takes to setup a Sacred Account.

It isn’t a short and easy process and I’m going to share with you why!

First, what is the Sacred Account?

It is a specifically designed type of High-Early-Cash-Value-Dividend-Paying-Whole-Life-Insurance (which is why I just call it the Sacred Account…it’s much easier to say)!

With this kind of life insurance I can deposit cash into my Sacred Account and will experience the following protections and assurances:

  1. Guaranteed growth
  2. Guarantee against loss
  3. Protected from taxation
  4. Protection from creditors
  5. Protection from lawsuits
  6. Protection of my privacy
  7. My deposits are fully backed
  8. Insurance against insurance company insolvency

Let’s say I deposit $10,000 into this account.

My $10,000 will experience about a 3–5% annual return on average, for the rest of my life and tax-free!

Part of this growth rate is what’s known as a dividend.

A dividend is the sharing of surplus profits back to me as a policy holder.

Now you may ask yourself, why would a life insurance company be sharing their profits with me?

Because with the Sacred Account, when I own a life insurance policy, the company actually treats me as an equity owner in the company where their policyholders are their shareholders.

Which brings me to my point.

When I sign up for a Sacred Account, the insurance company is quite literally making the decision on whether or not to make me a partner and equity shareholder in their company.

These aren’t publicly traded companies where just anyone with money can go buy stock and own shares.

The insurance companies are very selective about who they allow to have an account with them and they are very deliberate about it.

This means it is going to take time to setup an account and there is actually a chance that they might disapprove me if they don’t want me as a policyholder/shareholder.

What are the looking at exactly?

  1. Financial situation. They want to make sure I am in a good financial condition.
  2. Medical situation. They want to make sure I am healthy and not going to bring extra risk to their company.
  3. Criminal history. They don’t want to work with unethical people or criminals.
  4. Anti-Money Laundering. They need to ensure I am not funding illegal activities or taking part in money laundering and trying to involve them. They have many other policyholders that they need to protect.

When someone is applying, I like to tell them that on average, this should take them 4–8 weeks to get approved, but there is a chance they might not get approved and there is also a chance it could take longer. This is a process that simply takes as long as it takes and acting out, making demands, and being antagonistic toward the insurance company actually lessens the chance of them wanting me as a partner and shareholder.

So what should someone do?

Apply and handle all steps required by the insurance company as fast as they can. Provide lots of information, over-communicate, help with receiving medical records from your doctor, and show that you are someone they should approve and make a policyholder.

Setting up a Sacred Account is a big deal and it shouldn’t be taken lightly!

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Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta is the CEO and Founder of Wealth DynamX. Jerry’s mission in life is to help create millions of financially educated and wealthy families.