How To Get Your Spouse On The Same Page To Build Wealth

Jerry Fetta
4 min readJun 28, 2018

This is one of the top reasons someone will succeed or fail when it comes to wealth creation. Often times I hear people say they’re not ready to work with a Wealth Creation Coach yet and they don’t immediately voice the reason why not. When I dig and begin asking some questions, I find out that the real reason is that their spouse is not on the same page when it comes to goals and money. This is a major holdup for people because without spousal support the plan can’t happen and it also would put the person in the uncomfortable position of having to confront the disagreements they have with their spouse. It’s no wonder why this debilitates people. I want to cover how to get your spouse on the same page and why you shouldn’t allow this to be the thing that prevents you from creating wealth.

The primary reason your spouse isn’t in agreement with you is because you aren’t communicating about it enough. You brought it up and it didn’t go over so well or maybe you even tried something like this before and you didn’t make it work and now you don’t talk about it. Here’s the deal, if you don’t communicate about your goals and dreams to create wealth, then the situation will never improve. It doesn’t matter if the communication is upset at first, at least it is something. By not talking about wealth or your potential, it cannot exist.

Next on the list is that you and your spouse are either for each other or against each other. There really isn’t a neutral ground. If you hold back on this, you’ll resent your spouse and it will cause further friction because your spouse will be able to sense your resentment. It is exhausting trying to accomplish something and having the person closest to you fighting you the whole way. It’s even more exhausting suppressing yourself and your dreams because you aren’t on the same page. On the flipside, the people I see who are 100% on the same page with their spouse are extremely powerful. You have the focus, energy, and creativity of two people creating a super life together. Where would you be if you had that? It’s worth fighting for, trust me.

I also want to add that the Wealth Coaching process will handle most of the things you are unsure of. We will look at your current savings & investments. We will look at all of your debts. We will do your monthly budget. We will talk about goals. Having a wealth coach facilitate this actually makes it easier for you both. The process will be organized and your coach will walk you through it as a team. It honestly isn’t as terrible as you think it will be. That’s mostly all in your head. Once it’s done, you’ll not only be glad you did it, but you will have clarity and a new sense of purpose.

Now here comes the hard talk. More than likely, your spouse has watched you start things and not finish them multiple times. You get excited and sign up for something (sometimes without telling your spouse) and then don’t finish what you started. That is the #1 contributing factor behind why they aren’t on board with you. You need to take control of yourself and finish things. This isn’t a cool weekend course or web series that you’ll walk away from and say “huh, that was cool”. This is an engineered plan designed specifically for you, that if followed, will cause you to own your potential. But it doesn’t work without you. There will be no question as to what you need to do once your plan is finished, but it is required that you do it. Finish this one so you can prove to your spouse and yourself that you’re reliable and will do whatever it takes to achieve both of your dreams.

If you’re ready to face this with your spouse, get on the same page, and begin winning then this is the next step. Have the hard conversation, confront the things you’ve been ignoring, and make a move together towards financial freedom. Or don’t. But I think you get it and you see the value of having your spouse on the same page as you. Click here to get started.

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