How To Make Money While Traveling

I have to say, this is a hot topic all over the world today. It seems like travel is a topic we can all agree on. In fact, I just returned from a trip to Miami for the 10X Growth Conference, and I enjoyed being there and traveling. Everyone likes to travel, see new things, experience new things, and get away from day to day life now and again.

As a kid, I used to take short trips with my parents. We lived in Montana and we would explore different cities within the state of Montana. At times we would go out of state to see family. While I don’t remember it all fully, I can remember being very excited every time we went somewhere. Around the age of 5 or 6, we moved to Alaska. I can remember pretty clearly the trip up here. We took planes, ferries, and explored cities as we looked for where our home would be. However, after moving up to Alaska and “settling down” as a kid, I did not leave the state until I was about 11 years old. After that, I did not leave the state until I was 18. In over 10 years, I only traveled twice. We couldn’t afford it and honestly, we didn’t have a good reason to go anywhere.

Because of this, I made travel out to be wrong. I had to make sense of why I never traveled and I did that by acting like traveling was overrated and not needed. I did a pretty good job of this. Until I began my business. Within the 1st 2 years, I found myself traveling 5–10 times per year to various locations for business conferences, training events, and to meet clients. Even so, I did not enjoy this type of travel. I was broke and so it terrified me every time I had to spend $1500 on plane tickets. Not only that, but I couldn’t make money when I was gone. Most of the people I’d attend these trips with treated it like a vacation and I attempted to within my own financial limitations.

In fact, I didn’t take my first real vacation until May of 2018. That’s right, in my 26 years of life I had never taken a vacation until that one time. As I progressed in business, I knew travel was necessary, and it was no longer a financial concern. It did become a production concern though. You see, I run my business based on statistics and every time I traveled, my stats went down. My revenue dropped, sales plummeted, and I found myself disengaged with the trips I was on because I was trying so hard to keep my numbers up. Even last may when I went on vacation I still spent time making calls, following up, and closing sales.

Since then, I’ve spent time learning about, studying, and observing those who are successful at making money while they travel. I have studied those from Grant Cardone to Andrew Carnegie. I want to share with you what I’ve learned about how to make money while traveling. This is important because I teach people how to create wealth. Wealth is abundance and prosperity in all areas of life, which does mean a person needs to learn how to have financial abundance while traveling and vice versa.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that the wealthy do travel. They don’t stay in one location. They move around and follow people, money, and opportunities. This may seem elementary, but that is the first step; to travel. Make a decision you will travel and commit to it.

The second thing is that the wealthy don’t take “vacations”. They travel, but they are not unplugging from their ordinary life. They are simply creatively living their day to day activities in a different environment. The word vacation literally refers to being free from obligations. The reality is, the condition of being free from all obligations does not exist. There will always be obligations in life, regardless of who you are. To believe that getting in an airplane and experiencing warm whether made those obligations go away is naïve. The wealth travel and look for new ways to incorporate the same activities.

Third is to promote before and after you get there. The wealthy promote that they are going to be in a certain area and make sure it is well known. They also promote once they get there. Why? Because income follows promotion. They know this and so they make sure to get the word out. Also, they are looking to connect with people they already know in the area and also to connect with new people in the area.

Fourth is getting in front of people while traveling. When you are traveling you should be trying to set as many appointments as possible while you are there. Again, this is not the vacation mindset, this is the expansion mindset. You shouldn’t be attempting to get away from people. Instead you should be attempting to get in front of more people. This is key. Your traveling should grow your network.

Lastly, the wealthy use their transit time for personal development and the completion of high level tasks. They aren’t sleeping their plane tide away or watching back to back to back in flight movies. There’s nothing wrong with a nap and a movie, but the wealthy are focused on moving the ball forward. This means reading, writing, and completing tasks that wouldn’t get done otherwise. You should come back from your vacation with more done than when you left.

Now, the ways you can make money are:

  • New Appointments
  • Appointments with clients
  • Lunch meetings
  • Breakfast meetings
  • Dinner meetings
  • Drop by visits
  • Cold calls
  • Referral calls
  • Offsite management of your onsite sales team’s production
  • Ecommerce
  • Networking parties and events
  • Charging money for others to come with you as you travel

Now, I want to stress, these are all active ways to earn income. Even the ecommerce. That’s right. You won’t sit back in your beach chair as money rolls in. You’ll go somewhere and experience the new environment while you actively pursue opportunities.

These are the exact strategies I employed last week at the 10X Growth Conference. While I was traveling, I made more money than the prior week when I was in the office where I live. These are also the strategies I teach to my clients to help them grow their wealth. This is not the vacation mindset plan or the easy passive income plan, nor is it the retirement plan. This is the 10X Super Life plan. If you’d like to work with my firm to implement the same strategies click here.

Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Grant Cardone Certified Coach

Jerry Fetta helps his clients gain more financial knowledge, make more money, keep more of it, and multiply what they keep.

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