The Way of the Warrior Kid Part I Review

Jerry Fetta
4 min readMay 29, 2024

By: Sammy Fetta-Loron

My name is Sammy, I’m Jerry’s son and I’m 13 years old. I’m going to be writing some blogs and producing some videos with Jerry to document my journey towards manhood and how as a kid, I am applying what Jerry teaches and learning to live a life of abundance and prosperity in all areas so that I can be the most successful adult I can be in life.

I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned from ‘’Way of the Warrior Kid Part I’’. Why? Because I want to send some inspiring wins to inspire you. This book is a simple story about a kid who is weak and gutless but is then trained to become a strong and brave kid by his Uncle Jake, a former Navy SEAL. I read this book to learn some useful and I sure did! And I’ve decided to apply them!

A Moral Code

One of the ideas in this book is a code that one follows on their own choice and leads them to a happy and free life. This is mine: The Champion’s Ethos. Champion means one who success as much as one can and learns if they don’t. A champion is one with several virtues. Ethos is another word for moral code. Here’s what it contains:

I. Have courage and confidence. Never give up, and be strong. Confront any situation. Never minimize yourself of what you are capable of.

II. Help people and never leave something without making it better than before.

III. Keep things organized and be neat.

IV. Exercise every day. Eat healthy and take care of your body.

V. Be enthusiastic about work and work hard.

VI. Prepare and be ready to face anything. Learn every day.

VII. Be honest and trustworthy.

That’s it. Why these precepts? Because all of these are things you need if you want to be at cause over your life, be happy and reach your goals.

Discipline and Motivation

Discipline is basically just doing it despite any difficulties. And what I’ve learned about motivation: it feels nice when it’s there, but it will not always be there for you. Discipline is what you can rely on. I’ve recently been using this knowledge, and I have been able to get out of bed with no hesitation and just do it.


The way to overcome fear is to just do it. Use discipline. Once you do it, that fear fades away. I’ve been using this whenever I feel afraid, and it works!

And that’s just some of the lessons I’ve learned from this book! Before I finish this blog, I’ve decided to show you my symbol.

I drew this symbol. I drew this to represent the Champion’s Ethos and also just because I just like to draw.

This symbol depicts a phoenix’s claw and means rising above the chaos. Why a phoenix? Because a phoenix never gives up and achieves higher heights. Just like a champion.

Signing off,


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